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                                                                                                     Dare to be Amazed! 
There is a high possibility that ministers, teachers, parents, group leaders, all religions and the body of Christ at large may increase in wisdom after viewing this Water Documentary several times.  Although, Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry's founder is of the Christian faith, the Water Documentary video highlights several religions from around the world. 

Due to possible a conflict with with this video from, the video may view sporadically or become unavailable at times. If the video is not available from this link, you may consider purchasing copy from or type the title - Water Documentary or Water: The Great Mystery by Saida Medvedeva (2008) in the YouTube search and find another video copy.

Water- The Great Mystery DVD can be purchased at 
Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry receives no compensation from the documentary sales - the info is just awesome!